Graduate School of Business Administration, KOBE UNIVERSITY

Kenya Fujiwara

Doctor of Economics
(Kobe University)


Professor of Banking and Finance

Specialized Fields

Financial Institutions, Financial Regulation, Fintech, and International Comparison of Financial Systems

Fields of Interest

Financial System, Future of Banking, Fintech, Banking Regulation

Current Research

  • “ Financial Crises, Bank Lending, and Trade Credit: Evidence from Chinese Enterprises”, (wigh Liu Yajing) , Discussion Paper Kobe University, 25, 2017
  • “ How should banks support SMEs to manage funding risks in China? The role of relationship banking”, (with Liu Yajing, Toshiki Jinushi, and Nobuyoshi Yamori), pp.365-398, in Nguyen Risk Management in Emerging Markets: Issues, Framework, and Modeling, Emerald Group Publishing, 2016.
  • “Addition to the Nikkei 225 Index and Japanese Market Response: Temporary Demand Effect of Index-arbitrageurs”, with Okada, K., Isagawa, N.., Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, vol.14, 395-209, 2006
  • “Does the Japanese Closed-End Fund Puzzle Exist? : An Empirical Study of the Efficiency of the Financial Market in Japan”, International Journal of Business, 11, 33-45, 2006.
  • “ Why do Japanese Banks get involved in the Bad Loan Problem: An Investigation of Bank Organization and Lending Behavior”, Finance India , 14, 871-886, 2005
  • Financial System in Japan (with A. Tanaka, H. Okamura and K. Noma),Yuhi-kaku, 2005.
  • “Debt Forgiveness and Rehabilitation”,(with Nobuyuki Isagawa and Tadayasu Yamashita), Security Analyst Journal, Vol.43,2005.
  • “Monetary Policy Board and the Efficiency of Decision Making in Japan”, Kokumin-Keizai, Vol.190, No.6、2004.