Graduate School of Business Administration, KOBE UNIVERSITY

Kazuhiko Kakamu

Doctor of Economics
(Osaka University)



Professor of Statistics

Specialized Fields

Statistics, Econometrics

Fields of Interest

Bayesian Statistics, Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods

Current Research

  • "Simulation studies comparing Dagum and Singh-Maddala income distributions," Computational Economics, 48, 593-605.
  • "A random walk stochastic volatility model for income inequality," Japan and the World Economy, 2015, Vol. 36, pp.21-28. (co-authored with Haruhisa Nishino)
  • "Spatial patterns of flypaper effects for local expenditure by policy objective in Japan: A Bayesian approach", (co-authored with Hideo Yunoue, Takashi Kuramoto), Economic Modelling, Vol. 37, 500-506, 2014.
  • "Space-time model versus VAR model: Forecasting electricity demand in Japan", (co-authored with Yoshihiro Otsuka), Journal of Forecasting, 32(1), 75-85, 2013.
  • "Bayesian estimation of persistent income inequality by lognormal stochastic volatility model", (co-authored with Haruhisa Nishino, Takashi Ohga), Journal of Income Distribution, 21(1), 88-101, 2012.
  • "Production technology and agglomeration for Japanese prefectures during 1991-2000", (co-authored with Wolfgang Polasek, Hajime Wago), Papers in Regional Science, 91, 29-41, 2012.
  • "On the roles of spatial interactions and heteroscedasticity in crime modeling", (co-authored with Yoshihiro Otsuka, Shuhei Arasawa), Crime: Causes, Types and Victims (A.E. Hasselm ed), Nova Science Publishers, 211-220, 2011
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