Doctor of Commerce
(Waseda University)


Associate Professor responsible for Corporate Finance and Entrepreneur Finance

Specialized Fields

Corporate Finance, Entrepreneur Finance, Venture Business

Fields of Interest

Corporate Finance, Entrepreneur Finance, Venture Business

Current Research

  • Crowdfunding: Lessons from Japan’s Approach, Springer, 2018
  • “Emergence of Regional Entrepreneurship Through Hometown Tax Donation -Unique Regional Development System: Implications from Development of New Products and Improvement in Business Capabilities by Gift Providers”, Kobe University Discussion Paper Series, SSRN, 2018(coauthored with Yuichiro Kubo)
  • “Lending by Regional Financial Institutions Driven by Hometown Tax Donation and Ensuing Prospects for Intra-regional Industry-Government-Banking Collaboration”, Kobe University Discussion Paper Series, pp.1-13, 2018(coauthored with Yuichiro Kubo)
  • “Trigger and Motivation to Participate in Hometown Tax in the Japanese Market”, Venture Review, 27, p.31-44, 2016
  • “Ownership Structure and Corporate Governance: Has an Increase in Institutional Investors’Ownership Improved Business Performance?”, Public Policy Review, 11(3), p.361-393, Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Finance Japan, 2015
  • “Does Ownership Really Matter? The role of foreign investors in corporate governance in Japan”, RIETI Discussion Paper 15-E-078(経済産業研究所),2015