Doctor of Economics
(Osaka University)


Professor of Statistics

Specialized Fields

Statistics, Econometrics

Fields of Interest

Bayesian Statistics, Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods

Current Research

  • “Simulation studies comparing Dagum and Singh-Maddala income distributions,” Computational Economics, 48, 593-605.
  • “A random walk stochastic volatility model for income inequality,” Japan and the World Economy, 2015, Vol. 36, pp.21-28. (co-authored with Haruhisa Nishino)
  • “Spatial patterns of flypaper effects for local expenditure by policy objective in Japan: A Bayesian approach”, (co-authored with Hideo Yunoue, Takashi Kuramoto), Economic Modelling, Vol. 37, 500-506, 2014.
  • “Space-time model versus VAR model: Forecasting electricity demand in Japan”, (co-authored with Yoshihiro Otsuka), Journal of Forecasting, 32(1), 75-85, 2013.
  • “Bayesian estimation of persistent income inequality by lognormal stochastic volatility model”, (co-authored with Haruhisa Nishino, Takashi Ohga), Journal of Income Distribution, 21(1), 88-101, 2012.
  • “Production technology and agglomeration for Japanese prefectures during 1991-2000”, (co-authored with Wolfgang Polasek, Hajime Wago), Papers in Regional Science, 91, 29-41, 2012.
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