Doctor of Commerce
(Kobe University)


Professor of Transport Economics and Policy

Specialized Fields

Transport Policy, Urban Passenger Transport, Transport Management, Privatization and Regulation of Infrastructure.

Fields of Interest

Transport Policy, Public Transport Systems, Transport Management, Utility Regulation and Privatization

Current Research

  • “Rail operation-infrastructure separation: the case of Kobe rapid transit railway”, Transport Policy, vol.11 No.3, 251-263, (co-authored with F. Mizutani) , 2004.
  • “The Japanese Experience with Non-Verticalised Urban Private Railways; An Analysis of Strategy and Performance of the ‘Minor’ Companies,” Transporti Europei, Vol.VIII, No,20/21, 2002.
  • “Lessons from Japanese Experience of Role of Public and Private Sectors in Urban Transport,” Japan Railway & Transport Review , No.29, 12-18, 2001.
  • “A Comparative Analysis of Financial Performance: U.S. and Japanese Urban Railways” (co-authored with F. Mizutani), International Journal of Transport Economics, Vol.24, No.2, 1997, 207-239.
  • “Lessons from the Great Hanshin Earthquake: Towards Transportation Infrastructure Improvement” (co-authored with F. Mizutani), World Transport Research: Proceedings of the 8th World Conference on Transport Research, Elsevier Science, 1999, 499-512.