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We stopped publishing The ANNALS of the Graduate School of Business Administration in 2002, and start to publish Business Research as an electronic publication.

Title The Great East-Japan Earthquake and Firm Exit: Analysis of Corporate Data
Author Uchida Hirofumi
Page 36
Size 955KB (PDF)PDF(in Japanese)
Pub Date 2014/9/5
Title The Role of Accountant in the South Sea Bubble(1720)
Author Nakano Tsuneo
Page 35
Size 1.06MB (PDF)PDF(in Japanese)
Pub Date 2014/6/27
Title Socialization and Economic, Educational, and Social Outcome
Author Hirofumi Uchida , Kouichi Hioki
Page 22
Size 245KB (PDF)PDF(in Japanese)
Pub Date 2014/6/2
Title Current Status of the Management of Regional Financial Institutions
Author Uchida Hirofumi, Yoshiaki Ogura, Shozo Kanki, Yoshiro Tsutsui, Tadanobu Nemoto, Nobuyoshi Yamori, Wako Watanabe
Page 53
Size 2.9MB (PDF)PDF(in Japanese)
Pub Date 2014/5/28
Title The Internationalization of Japanese Companies after WWII: The Rankings by Overseas Employee Headcount
Author Junya Fujita, Ryosuke Takeuchi, Kyohei Hirano
Page 65
Size 1150KB (PDF)PDF(in Japanese)
Pub Date 2010/4/12
Title An Histrical Analysis of Works on Accounting History in Japan: 1917-2008
Author Tsuneo NAKANO, Takehisa HASHIMOTO, Yasuhiro SHIMIZU, Masayuki KUWAHARA
Page 106
Size 1096KB (PDF)PDF(in Japanese)
Pub Date 2009/7/8
Title Systems Perspectives and Levels of Analysis: A Systemic Framework for Examining Organizational Interactions
Author Tarek M. Ali
Page 13
Size 99KB (PDF)PDF
Pub Date 2008/7/22
Title Self-organization: A New Network Metaphor to Understand the Interdependences of the Organizations and Their Environments
Author Tarek M. Ali
Page 16
Size 117KB (PDF)PDF
Pub Date 2008/7/22
Title The Transition of Audit Methodology in England and U.S.A. from the End of 19th Century through the early 20th Century
Author Michihiro Ozawa
Page 14
Size 269KB (PDF)PDF(in Japanese)
Pub Date 2005/9/26
Title Behavior-Based Salesforce Control Systems and Interdepartmental Communication
Author Katsuyoshi Takashima
Page 18
Size 56KB (PDF)PDF
Pub Date 2004/11/10
Title Change in Organization Mode and Asymmetric Personal Information via Corporate Group Management Resolution
Author Mitsutoshi Hirano
Page 37
Size 192KB (PDF)PDF(in Japanese)
Pub Date 2003/12/11
Title About the Usefulness of the Accounting and Audit Function as a Method for Corporate Governance
Author Fumio Naito
Page 10
Size 49.3KB (PDF)PDF
Pub Date 2003/4/16
Title Corporate Governance in History: Form and Function of the Corporate Organizations of Dutch and British East India Companies
Author Tsuneo Nakano
Page 45
Size 230KB (PDF)PDF(in Japanese)
Pub Date 2002/12/20