Graduate School of Business Administration, KOBE UNIVERSITY

Noboru Matsushima

Doctor of Business
(Kobe University)


Professor of Managerial Science

Specialized Fields

International Economics, International Investments, MNCs, Industrialization of LDCs.

Fields of Interest

Social constructive approach on technology management in organization,Research methodology

Current Research

  • “What’s the Rule of Information Technology for Knowledge Management ?,” Proceedings of the Seventh International Workshop on Telework, 2002.
  • “〈Rashomon〉method of organizing e-work,” Proceedings of the Sixth International Workshop on Telework, 2001.
  • “Socially embedded design of the IT-use in the workplace: Evoking a new lens for a recent computerization and new way of working,” Monograph Series #0015 (Kobe University).
  • “The IT-use embedded in the workplace practice: The multiple viewpoints displayed by participants of the web-page startup project,” Proceedings of Mitsubishi Bank Foundation International Conference, 2000.
  • “Introduction of Telework Leads to Organizational Innovation at Multiple Level: The Case of Home-Office Introduction at the Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co,” Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Telework, 1999.

    The other Japanese papers are here.